– and how you can utilise it to grow your startup.

My Background – Why would you listen to me?

I’ve worked as a writer for over a decade (journalism, copywriting, poetry, spoken word, lyrics), and 9+ years in marketing and communications (film, pharma, startups).

I have an M.A. in Media Studies, and I’ve established Finland’s first ever storytelling open mic club Tarinaklubi Open mic in 2015. During the recent years, I’ve discovered how lost startups and tech companies are in making their businesses interesting or understandable to the general public. This goes for many many many many industries, not only tech.

On this blog, I will share you what I discover and observe about storytelling, and how you can use it to generate leads, attract the right audience, make sure your innovation is understood, and most importantly, that people talk about you or your product. I’ll share you what people in the creative industries already know, but what you have not perhaps thought of.

These thoughts are solely based on my experience and knowledge as a marcom specialist, and creative hustler. The things that I consider here as best practices, are ever-changing, and based on my observations in real life. Whatever I tell you here, use your own critical thinking and just enjoy the content or…. don’t? 😀 It’s really up to you what you make of it.

This blog is based on my currently occasional LinkedIn Newsletter, Storytelling for Startups.

My Hot Takes

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