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Flourishing content that gives you the feels.

Today’s marketing is all about empathy. It’s about truly understanding your customers, their pain points and what creates value for them.

I help companies and creatives sharpen their brand’s storytelling, and communicate their offering to ensure that the content passes the Grandmother rule.*

Let’s turn text into your story.

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”Milja is one the most creative persons I’ve ever met. Even so she has a great understanding of business. This mix makes her a professional who is not only inspiring but also very able to see the big picture.”

Let’s make your content bloom.

More Word-of-Mouth

”Milja has a broad experience in marketing, creative writing, PR, and branding. In addition, she is very technical and is well familiarised with multiple programs.

Milja is a creative and deep person, everything that she works on comes from her heart. I am extremely happy I got to work with her.”

”Milja is an excellent marketing person who has tendency to establish, plan and execute marketing and related activities in the best possible way you could imagine.

She works independently in her domain and collaborates efficiently with other groups. Nothing is impossible for her.”

”Milja’s insight into the world of open mic story-telling is fresh, passionate, and philanthropic.

Her entrepreneur mindset is phenomenal, and her ambitions inspire others around her. She is also caring and understanding as a manager.”

One simple message Can Open So Many doors.

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*What the heck is the Grandmother rule?

Does your Grandmother understand what your business does? 

If the answer is no, you’re in deep trouble and you need my help.